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  1. yes Corovic, there is a little statue,I wondered what it was about… I am not Croat born but it is intersting to see how it worked for me when my mother died in 1986. I had to transfer the corp in Mostar and ask for the Croat nationality. I had the double nationality (French and Croat) and chose, but I was 36 and did my military service for French troups in North Africa in parachutists. So, normally, i could not become Croat. They saw i wanted to live “somewhere in Jugoslavija” as I said…and for ever. As I was instructor in parachutism

    and could be useful for Croatia and that i wanted very hard to stay in Jugoslavija, the ministery obtained a derogation for me and mywife (wha has Italian origins) and during some time we had a passport of “Jugoslavs” (???) then the nationality. In 1991 i was incorporated in the Croat army.
    But as now i travel a lot for my job of journalism in economics and f inance, especially in European community, i see few people understand our jugo affairs…They want to understand and hear something different of the Nato and United Nations propaganda…So, even fur us, peoples of former Jusgoslavija, it is a good opportunityy to speak and solve some problems. This way a new Jugo nation can arise again. The Americans are very strong in that. After Vietnam and Afghanistan, they make films, write books and articles, they have a public speech on what they did. It is a good thing. Unhappily, in Europe, we throw sand on the fire and old injuries never cease. That’s a bad way and certainly our young guys wants just to speak of Europe and the future and of nothing else. But they are wrong to close their eyes. As said a philospher: the present has no future without the knowing of the past. And you see the George’s reaction, he says it is interesting to speak of that. Our jugo affairs are the affairs of Europe and of the world because we have played a decisive role in History, especially in 1914.

  2. Well said Dragan. I find these issues very interesting, it’s true that over here we never hear of any other argument other than that of the establishment. Of course, being British, our Govt always tells the truth and it’s only those ‘Lefties’ that use propoganda, just to be argumentative ;-). I read ‘medialens’ account of the war in Yugoslavia and it differed considerably from the Corporate media’s viewpoint.
    I think, and said so some years ago on CC, that we’re in for trouble, top economists predicting war within Europe in the next ten years. As the present economic system and it’s supporters become more desperate to maintain their privileged positions and power they’ll stoop to Nationalism, waving the flags and pitting us all against each other rather than face up to the fact that their system can never develop society.
    Borders may change, as they always have done. Competition for dwindling resources for the financial gains of the few will intensify, the welfare of the ordinary people becoming secondry as we’re viewed as merely units of production, the cheaper our labour the better as far as they’re concerned.
    Like you Dragan, I’d like better understanding of issues which I’m sure would lead to a mood of compromise and common goals amongst ordinary people the world over; quite natural I think as most of us have much in common. Before that happens we’ll have the ideological battles, hopefully through respectful discussion rather than murder and mayhem. One things for sure, things are going to change.

  3. Potatoclock i thought your silence was due to the Pope’s elections, i thought i saw you on italian TV crying last week on St Peter’s place during the last Von Benoit 16th speech…’t was a mistake, wasn’it?
    take care: march 19th = Saint Patrick’s day!!! we like that in Mostar….

  4. St Patricks day is always celebrated in Liverpool as most of us have Irish blood, friends and family from that part of the world. I always have a drink on that day.

  5. By the way, I went there once to hear what he says from his balcony. I eventually got near enough, across the grass and masses of people to realise when he waved his arms like that he was also saying ‘get off my fkin lawn!’

  6. The Vatican made many efforts in the Middle Age to stop St Patrick’s growing star, they threw him out of the calendar and invented a “Saint Patrice”, a very roman saint, nobody knows from where that guy was coming…???? Sure Patrick did naughty things for the Vatican. But what? Drink? they do! F….? they do! Lie? they do…Cheat? they do! May be simply he said the Vatican was a house of particularly disgusting guys (to be polite), i see no other reason. someone can inform?

  7. The Vatican bank is currently being investigated for the laundering of $30 mill of ‘dirty money’, not bthe first time and hopefully not the last. They have a track record of avidly supporting fascist organisations and dictators, the current pope ex Hitler Youth. They are

  8. Sorry, pressed the wrong button. They are also guilty of involvement in sexual abuse and torture of children, this practice seemingly the norm for many years. The recent revelation in Ireland about young girls imprisoned to work in launderies, massive profits derived from free labour unaccounted for.
    Another scandal not hitting the news yet is the work of the Catholic Church in Canada. Children from the Mohawk tribe systamatically abused, beaten and murdered according to testimonies from survivors. There’s also the allegation that the Queen of England, and her husband Philip, took ten of these children while on a visit who then disappeared, never to be seen again. Google it.
    The Queen is head of the Church of England, bizarre in itself as she’s just about the richest woman on earth. The ‘church’ supposedly enchanted by god and free from avirice has many worldly vices. Interest and support in right-wing politics and organisations penetrates most aspects of society. ‘Catholic Action’ infiltrates Trade Unions and political parties to undermine, spy and destroy democratic structures and dissent. That isn’t to say that all Catholics are bad.
    My father was Catholic and it was he who told me much of this stuff; other Catholic friends tell other, more horrific tales from their childhood. It’s clear to me that the church relies on hate, fear and intolerance rather than the fine virtues they claim to possess. It’ll be interesting to see who takes over at the Vatican as I suspect it’ll be difficult to find any candidates who are free from the paedophile networks and the stench of corruption now eminating from that institution. Surely, anyone who’s decent, would change the culture, expose the corrupt and sexual deviants wouldn’t even be considered for the job? If he did, or threatened to then he’d probably be murdered.

  9. Mista Potatosomething, as I heard you were anobled. So why dont you defend your social class first, instead of those so called communist workers , ready to buy anything manufactured in China rather good british products ??? Now we have a Pope, so may be will you reconsider your blasphematory propaganda spoilg our british economy already attacked by the social-masonics lobbies. Hmmm !!!

  10. 😉 Some actually think like that. Despite being Knighted by George I’m a mere working class person who always defends my class whether they live here, China, or wherever as we have everything in common. I have little or nothing in common with the exploiters who live here, nor share their living standards or culture.
    The Capitalist class invest their money wherever the most profit can be made, where wages and living standards the poorest. They have no national pride either as their scramble for ever increasing profits throw Western economies into chaos and decline. Note though that the stock market is ‘doing well’ as a result of most people having their wages and conditions reduced.
    Capitalism will never improve society, only take us backwards as the very nature of it is greed and selfishness. Thatcher said ‘there’s no such thing as society’, meaning that we should stand all over each other to become top dog, not caring about anyone but ourselves. However, through centuries of struggle most people realise that we only maintain civilised society by looking after each other and installing politicians to protect that principle.
    The ‘shock and awe’ tactics currently used by some Govts including our own over here will mean unacceptable poverty and mortality rates for the poorest in society. Many people now suffering from poverty had good jobs and nice houses only a couple of years ago. The politicians think we’ll all just stand here and watch the future of our children be smashed against the wall in an ideological frenzy of greed. They mistake the Labour leaders attitude for that of the millions of ordinary people, who once awakened may well give them a few surprises.
    I haven’t seen the news about a new pope but doubt anything will change very much. Paedophilia seems almost institutional, corruption and money laundering part of the structure. If people wish to believe in a god then that’s up to them but a glance at most of the established churches will show leadership that falls way short of humanitarian values. I for one would never leave my child alone with any of these ‘representatives of god’. They’re not to be trusted and sadly will continue to demonstrate why as more evidence is uncovered about their sickening acts and links with the heights of our corrupt establishment.

  11. he kept deep silence during the dictature, refused weddings between homs, refuse baptems for children sons or daughters of divorced parents, tried some populist aids to the fanatics and nationalists during the Malvinas war, and some other “things”. In Argentina, the advices are shared but the medias , especially TV, show only the people happy to have “their” pope. One more manipulation !!!

  12. I don’t know what kind of influence religion has in other places but here it has little. That doesn’t stop twelve wealthy Bishops sitting in the House of Lords; they’re neither elected nor accountable to anyone which seems bizarre for a system that calls itself democratic. Having said that any new Govt elected has to ask permission from the Queen to take office, the same woman in charge of the Church of England who is also the richest woman on earth.
    Considering these facts maybe I was wrong when I said religion has little influence; possibly I should have said religion is used, like in many other countries to help influence political opinion and decision making. Strange then that we now have rapidly rising poverty levels in this country, one of the richest on earth, Maybe the bishops have forgotten that trhey’re supposed to vote against poverty making policies?

  13. I was also shocked to see shanty towns in the suburbs of one of Europe’s best known and beautiful Cities. Hundreds, if not thousands of people living in shelter’s made from rubbish along the Seine. I expect to see the same in this country soon.

  14. How do people feel about being robbed by the bank you entrusted to keep your savings secure? I fear what’s just happened in Cyprus may well happen elsewhere, As capitalism twists and turns to escape the crisis the rich become richer and the poor even poorer, huge tax cuts for the super rich and extra taxes for those who have little.
    The Govt in the UK is continuing with these ideological attacks with the excuse that the poor need to work harder, encouraged by lower wages and even lower benefits should they find themselves out of work. They claim that this brutul Victorian .method will improve the economy. Strange then that the debt has increased to just about the highest since the end of WW2 with no sign of improvement.
    Do others support these methods and if not what alternatives might work? Bear in mind that we haven’t got forever as the US military have been warming up over N.Korea and Iran, it would appear to many that they’re looking for war as the economic system that sustains the them is nearing collapse. It could be argued that the $ is now so precarious due to unsustainable debt that it could be exchanged for a stronger currency in international transactions, especially oil which would surely push the US into deep recession and political chaos, if not much of the Western economies?

  15. Anyone see that skyscraper fire, burning out of contol for many hours? It didn’t collapse, the steel wasn’t weakened by the heat, it didn’t melt and it appears that was no structural failure of any kind. Neither were huge steel beams thrown out of the skyscraper at great velocity. Strange how the twin towers in the US failed catastrophically after only about ninety minutes. ‘Building 7’ didn’t even get hot enough for the windows to break but amazingly also fell into it’s own footprint.
    The demolition Co’s that charge a fortune for the time, expertise, raw materials and hard work for bringing down buildings in a particular manner must be scratching their heads in amazement. We were all told that it was just the heat that caused the problem with the twin towers, implying that in future the expertise excercised by demolition Co’s was no longer required; instead maybe just set a few random fires and stand clear and the building comes down perfectly. Did anyone else notice this anomoly and if so what explanation can people offer?

  16. While I’m awaiting some answers to this strange event I’d like to announce, loudly, that THE WITCH IS DEAD. Party time for many who felt the full brunt of this creature;s venom and we’re starting tonight Thatcher was a fascist, who admired General Pinochet’s attitude to Trade Unionists. I’d expect many of her former allies say nice things about her. What many people may find surprising is that some of her former political enemies also nice things about hyer. Lord Kinnock, (yes, LORD) the former leader of the Labour Party cleared out most of the socialists from the LP at her request and Blair started the privatisation process which the Tories thank him for, especilly the NHS. They seem to have a lot in common.

  17. That’s very true my friend. I hope they bury her deeply and ‘tramp the earth down’. (An Elvis Costello song about her) We have more parties planned to note the occasion.

  18. Something strange happened here. We had a large bright orange disc in the sky two days in succession and its only early May. I know it appears in many other parts of the world too but be3lieve me, it’s rare here. So what are people’s views on Global warming? Is it a natural process that humankind hasn’t influenced or is it directly due to greenhouse gasses caused by Carbon emissions? Comments please.

  19. I deeply belive that is the result of humankind’s activity. There are something very strange here,on the sky over Serbia. As all of you know, the noble and good NATO 14 years ago sent us tones of misssiles with depleated uranium+ few hundreds of tomahawks+ 110.000 of cassetes bombs(informations published this morning on the morning news on TV). I will not mention “results” of NATO bombing(demages,casulties e,t,c) I will say few words about consecventions on the nature and enviroment. Few years after bombing has stopped, NATO airplanes were flying over Serbia and throwing some very tin plastic strings that can hover for the months in the air. Those plastic strings have blocked creating the clouds, which means- no rain!!.After some period those plastic material has landed. In contact with the ground it has been transformed in some kind ofextreamly cancerogenic dust. By the way ,more than 300 Italian soldires who have been on Kosovo died of cancer!

  20. On the other hand, more than 90% of woods,forests in U.S.A in the last 100 years have been destroyed. I heard that few months ago on TV, National geographic chanal. It is a horor!

  21. The Information on the activities of Nato is revealing; that a ‘civilised’ country (or countries) can behave in such a barbaric manner. Of course, this has been done before at the end of WW2 when two atomic weapons were dropped on Japans civilian population. Interesting too is that not a whisper of the weapons used in the former Yugoslavia in our media as I suspect many people would be horrified that ‘our’ respectable politicians would allow such a thing. However, many of us would not be surprised given that they care little for human life, instead they lust power, prestige and personal wealth.
    The technology to prevent rain (for what purpose?) and with such toxicity in Serbia shows again that those responsible should be in prison. In the UK in 1957 experiments were carried out over Exmoor in Devon. The air was sprayed with chemicals by the military to see if they produced rain making clouds. They succeeded and the resulting floods killed a large number of people and wiped out the seaside town of Lynmouth, though the cause wasn’t revealed for many years.
    Other sources of global warming have been the increasing amount of carbon in the air through the use of fossil fuels. Some argue that the process of global warming is natural, that the earth has gone through periodic cycles of both warming and cooling. I don’t doubt this as there is evidence to prove it. Likewise, there’s peer tested evidence to prove that the current warming is directly due to humans.
    Despite all the warnings that our planet is headed for disaster alternative energy sources haven’t been developed, although the technology exists.
    The signs are already here, and have been for some time, that the weather and seasons are changing. In the UK some crops have already been ruined, predicted yields far less than they should be due to too much rain. Livestock have also been badly affected due to many dying after being caught in heavy snow in April. Some parts of the world crops fail and people die from lack of water, with no sign of recovery. The speed and ferocity of the winds that rip through parts of the US another sign of the accumulated energy in our atmosphere.
    It has always seemed to me that although many of these events have been reported as ‘disaster’ or ‘tragedy’ there was never any expectation or warning that these events may come closer to home in the future. Despite this fact, I can see no change of thinking by the decision makers. We have the means at our disposal to produce energy from tidal, solar and wind power which may be costly to establish but would provide all our energy requirements in the future.
    Combustion engines can perform perfectly on water, by extracting the hydrogen from this plentiful substance; salt water can be used. I think we need to ponder why, when we have this technology, why we still use oil. We know that this resource is finite, and that it’s destroying our planet which will result in disasters on a global scale in time.
    I tend to think that those in control care little for anything but themselves and those that they really represent. Their reasoning, if asked for justification, is that they’re ‘led by the shareholders, to make as much profit as possible….’ They act as though everything is set in stone, cannot be changed and as though ‘capitalism is the only game in town’. I feel if things don’t change soon, if more people don’t get involved in campaigning for a future then there won’t be a future for our children. When more people realise just how crooked, uncaring and callous that ‘our leaders’ are, and acts like the bombing of Serbia with depleted uranium and other atrocities become known then they may be found seeking employment elsewhere. Their time is up as they’re taking society backwards, but they’ll need a push.

  22. We’ve had snow in many parts of the UK. I’m not saying it’s never happened before but we’ve only had two warm days this year, which is un usual. Crops are failing, livestock dying so we can probably expect another rise in food prices which in turn will affect the people already too to feed themselves properly.

  23. Thanks guys! Nice to be on here. As you may know I lost my temper with Jan and someone else on Chess corner, not for disagreeing with me but for selectively censoring me. I was not too pleased with the language I used, but I felt angry at being told to shut up. There will be no bad language from me on here, and I do not mind people disagreeing with my views but I defend my right to express them. I never go out of my way to deliberately offend people.

  24. I think we all came to realise that far from the ‘Community’ Jan liked to pretend existed it was really a fiefdom. I was messaged a number of times by her telling me that if I didn’t ‘refrain’ then I’d be sanctioned. I always replied politely asking which rule that I’d broken but she never answered. Some of the comments on that site were of a political nature, praising the economic system (the ‘Money’ thread) but when I pointed out some of the faults with our economic system one person in particular ranted at admin for allowing it. The same person was removed later from the site for having some sexual perversions I believe.

    However, it was me who was sanctioned for expressing an opinion that Jan didn’t agree with. If people cast their minds back to the ‘puppy’ thread, she’d expressly asked for players to contact their political representatives to complain about puppy farming. I wrote to her asking why it was that some political comments were allowed but not others. I didn’t get a reply so I assumed that she either couldn’t answer my very reasonable question or she was simply arrogant; I suspect it was both.

    Just for the record, the rules never banned political comments, just controversial issues. I usually only responded to others who’d started a thread and it only became controversial apparently when I made a point or disagreed with the opinion already expressed, always politely. I like rules as if they’re adhered to by everyone and used in a consistent manner. Not to do so (as Jan does) just makes a nonsense of them; in reality no rules.

    Religion was another topic that many of us tired of. I’ve no problem with people believing whatever they wish as long as it doesn’t harm others. However, any comment that made polite disagreements was met with equal vitriol from Jan; politeness, manners and common decency seemingly absent.
    In the end all my communication rights were removed, even private messages with opponents while playing chess with them. Then she removed the entire forum, like a spoiled child who can’t get it’s own way 😉

    I came to the conclusion that Jan, and a couple of her little helpers namely Drav and the petulant lad from Scotland, were control freaks. All three of them made insulting remarks to paying customers (not guests as she liked to call us) when perfectly reasonable questions were asked about Team Play and other aspects of the site that were advertised on the Site. I noticed each time one of these individuals were rude to paying customers more people cancelled their membership or let it expire.

    Now you’d think that anyone with any sense, if not manners, would realise that paying customers don’t like being spoken to or treated like dirt. From a business point of view it didn’t seem to make much sense either as the number of paying players on that Site is very low. Maybe it’s not a business after all, rather a method of a few warped individuals thinking that they’re very important and having some power over others, something that they long for in every day life.

    To summarise, I think CC should stand not for Chess-Corner but Censorship-Corner. ‘Religious and Right-wing people only’ should be stated clearly on the site as most of us would know to keep well clear. That way the ‘dominators’ and people who enjoy being dominated could enjoy each other’s company without the interference of unsuspecting people who may ask questions and make comments that would be deemed reasonable in any other area of life.

    My only regret is that Thatcher died after most of us had left, and the forum had been removed. Can you imagine the laugh we could have had!!!! I bet Jan wore black that day, and possibly had to get one of her old outfits from the wardrobe, although removing the swastika’s may have proved a little difficult ;-))))

  25. Well said indeed! I just read this to my Louisa and she is laughing very loudly!
    I still play lots of chess on there and it doesn’t bother me that I cannot speak on there. You either have a forum for reasonable discussion or you close it which is what they did. You cannot rule over people what is an acceptable topic for discussion. We all enjoyed the discussion on there. The only people who were offended were the moderators themselves. I will not renew my membership when it runs out. By the way I have taught my Louisa how to play chess over the last two weeks. She could turn out to be a decent player, I am shocked because I always thought that most females were entirely incapable of logical or rational thought. DISCUSS!

  26. Jeez John! She may castrate you when y’fall asleep! I’ll just say that I’ve come to the conclusion that females have a different logic. Sometimes a discussion with a female (your partner) feels like trying to play draughts while playing on different colour squares to your opponent.

  27. Hooray for George; this thread has been retrieved from the dark recesses of his pc! I’m not altogether in favour of discussing the differences between the sexes as I’ve a few views (from experience) that I probably couldn’t evidence in a debate 😉 However, Despots, racists, fascists, Tories are all fair game I think. These days I’d also include for debate Social Democrats as I think it’s a ‘nice’ notion but then so is Father Christmas.
    The world is changing, quicker I think, than it has done for a few decades. Young people will face a different world than their parents. They’ll generally be poorer, have less opportunities and will be compelled to fight for a decent standard of living more than previous generations. They’ll face climate change, nuclear waste and contamination, food and water shortages, worse health care and education and an uncertain old age.
    The other issue of course is democracy. Most of us who chat here have been lucky enough to live in area’s of the world that had a ‘social democracy’, offering some relief from the ravages of uncontrolled capitalism and a certain amount of free speech. Some from the former Eastern block had the safety of food, education, employment, health care, housing and retirement arrangements taken care of but without free speech.
    Tomorrows world will see the a fight between the ‘have’s and the have nots’. In the West many of the safety nets that were the hallmark of social democracy have, or are in the process of being removed or privatised. Civil liberties, free speech and personal safety are no longer guaranteed as the State asserts it’s power by spying on everyone. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’, good enough for hundreds of years is now a thing of the past.
    Arguably, one of the most powerful nations on earth now flies drone aircraft in sovereign countries murdering innocent civilians at will. A US spokesman for the White House said recently that anyone over the age of sixteen in an area they considered a combat zone (Pakistan) was a fair target. Is that a democracy that allows such actions?
    The Middle East ( Arab Spring) is underway where the repressed peoples of that region have shrugged off their fear and have risen to demand something better; a protracted process I think but one that cannot be stopped. The clamour for the remaining oil bringing death and destruction on whoever stands in the way of Corporate power, the same power that denies us cleaner, cheaper sustainable sources of power such as hydrogen.
    The simmering volcano in Japan is something that every thinking person on the planet should be concerned about as events have shown that nuclear power is not the future, not the answer to our demand for energy. It could be our death *knell.* To date the experts still don’t know how to cure the contamination that is pouring into the atmosphere ( *no offence Miroslav 😉 )
    We also have the problem of capitalism. The notion that this system of governing and controlling society is infallible is being exposed for the exploitative, callous, ridiculous manner of governing society. It’s failing badly, the poorest bearing the brunt of the failings, the richest profiting the most which in itself should show even the most sceptical that it’s only working for the elite.
    The US economy is very interesting. With debts and liabilities at almost $60 Trillion then it’s obvious to most that this debt can never be paid back, but used as a stick to beat the world of working people into submission. The people who control society are unelected and accountable to nobody. They live in opulence and luxury, care nothing for the suffering inflicted on the billions by their greed.
    I look forward to the day, maybe after I’m gone, that the world will change because it’s got to. This system is obsolete and requires changing for society to flourish and develop all the resources that could maintain a good standard of living for everybody on the planet, rather than just the few This will only happen when those that realise the ‘game’ are enough to outweigh the indoctrinated.. Join us.

  28. I am back. just had a bit of a stressful month or so. Moving from UK to Spain best thing I ever did but has brought its own problems and stresses.

    USA situation is very dire. It will have consequences for all of us. I think it is true the system is finished, or at least it is on its last legs. 17 trillion in debt is not sustainable for the US.

  29. ..and the debt ceiling being raised as though that’ll solve the problems. So you ‘max out’ on the credit cards and can’t pay back the debt. I’d like someone to explain how being allowed to borrow even more money that you can’t pay back is sound economics. A Trillion is a huge figure and I’d recommend that people google the subject as there are some good examples putting that figure into perspective.
    The US not only owes about seventeen of these but has liabilities that it can’t meet for a further 43 $Trillion. I’d say that something was drastically wrong with an economic system that allows such a ridiculous situation to occur. Those in charge, or not as the case may be, still can’t account for 2.3 $trillion that just seems to have gone missing from the Pentagon budget. Maybe it slipped down the back of the settee.
    The other aspect of this situation is that the same people who lecture us all on ‘good housekeeping’ and tell us to live within our means don’t apply the same rules, morals or principles to themselves. Hardly surprising that so many people in the world regard the politicians as mafia. The people at the top are doing very well, stock markets rising and top earners awarding themselves huge pay rises.
    The rest of us are told that society can no longer afford a health service, welfare or education unless the individual has the means to pay. The right to justice already being attacked where an individual can’t have his or her rights protected unless they have money. I fear democracy will be deemed to expensive for society next; this could well coincide with a collapse in the economic system of the West which seems increasingly likely as time goes by. Does anyone have any answers to the problems of capitalism?

  30. The whole system has had it.The dollar is a fiat currency. Most people i would suggest do not understand what this means. It is just paper money, its meaningless unless people have faith in it. That faith is disappearing daily. The more the US federal reserve print, the more worthless the dollar becomes. The trillions of dollars of debt are an irrelevance. The system is bust, its finished, In many ways I think that is a good thing but only in the long term. in the short and medium term many people will suffer.

  31. …and already are. All the things we consider normal in a civilised society will be withdrawn. Health care, education etc now deemed a business to profit from rather than providing the basis for a dignified life. ‘The Free World’ slogan becomes a joke when it is in fact the exact opposite.

  32. Been reading stuff about the $. Some say there’s nothing to worry about, that the $ is still a desired currency no matter how many of them the Federal Reserve produce from thin air. This is taking for granted that the rest of the world continues to see the $ as the main currency, the strongest and most stable with which to conduct business.
    This means that domestically the US should be able to provide all the services and meet outstanding obligations just by printing more $ bills. They make it sound easy. Outstanding financial obligations and debts stand at about $124 trillion, a sum that can never be paid back. In fact in means that the Govt have to keep borrowing more to pay the outstanding debt.
    If the Govt attempts to clear the debt then the economy will collapse due to lack of money. Som e say every term of Govt must double the debt to keep afloat so surely logic says that at some point other countries will decide that the dollar is no ,longer the strongest and most stable currency and look for alternatives. Any thoughts anyone?

  33. Yes, very sad but he had a good life; I met him once. Bob Crow too, what a pity more TU leaders don’t defend their members as Bob did. Locally we lost Mick Abbott in the same week, one of the Shrewsbury pickets. He was blacklisted and fought for justice all his life. The none religious funeral ceremony was packed with hundreds of his friends and supporters.
    On another note, I still occasionally receive email notification of ‘private messages’ from ChessCorner. If anyone still uses this site please be advised that the owner of that site removed my means to access any messages sent to me, nor can I send any.

  34. Hello Miroslav,
    It’s good to hear from you. Still standing over here, despite a few serious attempts by bad drivers to have me in the prone position! I was thinking of fitting flashing lights to the bike, but may just settle for a Gatling gun 🙂
    How’s life for everyone? The world is becoming more volatile as we speak. My comment on CC a few years ago mentioning war between Euro countries seemingly now a reality with the bombardment of cities in the Ukraine by their own army. How do people feel about the situation in Eastern Europe, and further South with the emergence of a new force in the Middle East.
    Gaza continues to be the worlds largest prison camp, now has no power for medical care, sewage and water. I sometimes wonder about the people in power. I wonder if they think that by subjugating innocent people to terrible attrition then all the problems will be solved. They act like cavemen.

  35. …and another thing! We have on the tv today the Tory PM telling us that ‘our recovery’ is based on fiscal responsibility. Obviously, being a £trillion in debt is considered responsible, and finding another £3 Billion to bomb Iraq (again) is just a drop in the ocean.
    I’m having difficulty understanding why the poorest in society are still being attacked while the richest receive tax cuts. ‘We have to be responsible’ says the PM. So presumably the gap left in the budget by these tax cuts will have to be compensated and that’s why the poorest, most vulnerable in society are getting battered.
    Once again, we’re told that the cuts in the economy are necessary to ‘maintain our recovery’. Libraries are closed, social services wrecked, the roads fall apart, health and education privatised in order to balance the books, we’re told.
    What a pity the PM and his gang of thieves can’t find a few £ billion required to pay for our essential services in the same manner they do when our leaders decide to bomb someone else’s country. Maybe he should collect the fortune in unpaid taxes (annually) from his rich friends.The attacks on working people are taking place in most countries.
    We’re told that a socialised economy is unaffordable; providing education, health and pensions too expensive. It’s strange then that the stock market is booming for those with spare cash to invest. Grinding poverty and hardship for millions equates to good dividends for the few; maybe this is the sort of society that suits the wealthiest in society and that’s why they rubbish any idea of something different.
    The ideology of working people combining to have a political voice is considered by some to be archaic, a relic of the past. They’ll argue that a society based on peoples need can’t work, that we should trust our current leaders to give us some reprieve from hardship and worry. They’ll point to the USSR and China as examples of different ideology in action, or used to be.
    Both these empires have returned to capitalism, (as some from the past warned) the same leaders now wear different clothes, wave different flags but remain in control. The privileged elite there never applying the principles in the movements that changed their countries from feudalism to arguably the most advanced technologically on the planet, outstripping capitalism in the process.
    Elections are held in most advanced countries. Every twelve months we can choose to change the faces of those in power, though none of the main players have any political differences. In many area’s, including the USA, the voter turnout is as low as 10%, most of the electorate not motivated or convinced by the lies.
    So, most would agree that the political dictatorships in the past that were called communist weren’t good, despite advancing those countries. Most of us prefer to have a voice, like to express an opinion, which was difficult in those former ‘communist’ countries as the graveyards will testify.
    However, seeing that the US is once again reaching a ‘credit limit’, and many European countries requiring fiscal bailouts, it would seem capitalism can only be propped up by ‘creative accounting’. And by removing safe-guards from millions of working people.
    It would appear that capitalism, in it’s current form, will continue to accrue huge amounts of money for a tiny percentage of the population, The rest of the population having their living standards reduced as a direct result of policies designed to enrich the few.
    The proponents of capitalism may gloat at the failed attempt by ordinary people in the East, telling us of the proof that their ideology is the ‘only show in town’, but inspiring people to have faith in their system isn’t working. Maybe it’s because capitalism isn’t working for the overwhelming majority, just the 1%.

    • My dear friend!
      If you compare cavemen with those “men” in power,you will probably notice that cavemen are much more fair, honestly and better inany ways. 🙂

  36. Absolutely Miroslav,
    The modern day predator has no moral guidelines, no moral ‘compass’ to stand in the way of profits. The caveman did what was necessary to survive and lived a communal lifestyle, sharing the tasks and the food made available through a combined effort.
    The current group who are the top of the food chain choose to be the way they for greed. I was wrong to use a definition that contained honesty in describing the characters that kill for fun.

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