Chess Talk

Still trying to find this string.


214 thoughts on “Chess Talk

  1. 57 subscribers including 2 staff members remain as of now. Admin Addyboy has fallen off the active member list

  2. So far about 6 players are somewhat intrigued. CC value ranges from $10 to $5655 with an average of $1337.36 from 9 websites.

  3. So far 7 others are intrigued about buying chesscorner. Hoping them and others will find their way here. I put directions on getting here on my homepage. and on a tournament description.

  4. To keep chesscorner alive the following in my opinion must occur subscriptions and or server cost and or 3. buy chesscorner

  5. On Friday a snail mail letter will be on its way to chesscorner’s webhosting site. I’m pretty sure I found the right place. Keep your fingers crossed.

  6. I have just learned that George (Chlogeo3) has died due to cancer. Thank you for this blog and may you rest in peace.

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