Just For Fun

This page will be for Trivia Questions.
I will ask the Q and you will answer it to win points. The highest scorer will win a Trip on Miroslav’s Police Helicopter or a ride on Zdenko which is Dragan’s

Good luck to all. First Q to follow.


131 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. One ton in general, the record was established in Florida: 2,7 tons! Since yesterday night with all that Slivovitca, i have a bald eagle nest on the stomach, i know the weight…

  2. Gravity and black holes (BH) , it is not exactly the same because one of the reasons of the BH is not necessarlity the gravity. The gravity is a closed system, BH are an open force going “somewhere” but in only one direction and AFTER creating some gravities around solid matters or gaz matters.

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