Anyone missing a donkey?

Anyone missing a donkey?

Hi Papa! Iam doing fine here in Alabama visting my Uncle George. This is me with my new girl friend and our little Love child.

Please send money so we can come home.



119 thoughts on “Anyone missing a donkey?

  1. i will stop that debate because i repeat the same things and Paul too. But most of all, if other players on that blog do not participate to the debate, or so few…it means for me that this debate is not a good one. Thanks anyway to all

  2. I agree Dragan. It’s been a good debate, with many views aired in an honest and friendly manner. I think this blog, when it becomes better known and more widely visited, should maintain these good standards.
    I’ll change the topic. Liverpool womens football team have been extremely successful yet most will have heard nothing about this. Has anyone an explanation for this? (jokes aside)

  3. well, in Belgium Anderlecht has the same adventure and in France, Lyon, on,e of the best teams in the world, begins only to gather some people…Many come in the stadium to look at girls because men are boring with the scientific and rude football.

  4. The England women’s cricket team have also been very successful, but once again, not much on the news. We’re led to believe that the sexes are equal these days. Hopefully the future will be brighter but society can achieve great backward steps sometimes; women’s football was immensely before WW2. After the war, and the role that women also played in the armed forces, factories and shipyards they were sent back to become the ‘little housewives’.

  5. ..and, on a day that the US Govt stopped working, with it’s debt ceiling being reached on Oct 17th do people have any good ideas for the future? Another question is should the UN intervene against Israel as their PM has stated that his country will take military action against Iran? As this surely poses a threat to not just war in the region but world war, do people think that Israel has the right to attack anyone they choose? Please bear in mind the many sanctions that Israel has already broken and already has a nuclear arsenal.

  6. dont worry George, I have a post ready in my head, i will post it afternoon. Busy now…Yes, more players should write, i agree!!!

  7. ..and, on a day that the US Govt stopped working, with it’s debt ceiling being reached on Oct 17th do people have any good ideas for the future? Another question is should the UN intervene against Israel as their PM has stated that his country will take military action against Iran? As this surely poses a threat to not just war in the region but world war, do people think that Israel has the right to attack anyone they choose? Please bear in mind the many sanctions that Israel has already broken and already has a nuclear arsenal.

    The international Right has built itself conflicts after conflicts to try to find agreements and avoiding wars or even, like in the Geneva Convention, to say what is allowed or not in a war. There is something pathetic in that…In an other sense if it can contribute to save ONE life, why not ? The situation of the nuclear questions is not an exception : the winner of a war dictates the Right, HIS right because nobody can destroy him. When Khomeiny became the leader of Iran, the islamic, the hardest one, became the Right, that’s all. If Israel feels he is menaced, and that is the situation, yes he has the right to defend his earth and population by all means. When the international Right, in the United Nations for example, is unable to solve a conflict, the national rights of the different nations involved in that conflict, are legitimated by the situation.
    The debate based on the Right will turn very quick to confusion because the authors of the right have no right to say the right in reality. The « right » simply does not exist, the one who ants the right takes it for himself and says to the others : here is the right (for ever, of course).
    I prefer debate of ideologies than the right. The sionism is a colossal error, the debate is better about that when talking of the consequences : agreement or war ?
    Personnaly i do not believe in a world war like WW1 and WW2. Many nations are poor, many peoples want other solutions mainly in the West.
    I encourage other players to debate but without optimism…

  8. Hello everyone,
    I have some agreement over the last statement John, economics will decide the future rather than the politics of the Left and Right as they currently stand. However, we shouldn’t forget who controls the game. The multi Nationals (Corporations) dictate to elected Govts what their policies should be. If Govts refuse then sanctions are applied. So, do we really live in a democracy when we all have to bow down to the unelected Corporate people?
    The same people who own the Corporations also control the media. Sadly, many people believe what they read in the newspapers. George Orwell’s 1984 springs to mind. The manipulation is easy to see. The Palestinian point of view completely dismissed as being ‘anti Semitic’ rather than any factual statements made by their leadership.
    Atrocity after atrocity committed by Israel continues to be sanctioned by the leaders of the world. Hamas, the elected Govt in Gaza, continues to be pilloried for anything it does when in fact they have little power to change the environment for the people who voted for them. Thousands of Palestinians are murdered, the overwhelming majority of them civilians, including hundreds of children while the media makes excuses for this crime against humanity.
    Hamas are blamed for everything, even though the Israeli police admit that Hamas had nothing to do with the abduction and murder of an Israeli teenager, the root cause (we’re told) of the current slaughter. Maybe they’d like to remind us of the previous slaughters before Hamas existed?
    A European country bombing and shelling it’s own civilians also seems to have escaped the mainstream media, over here anyway. Whatever the circumstances over there, I see the destruction of Cities and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people a disgrace. The number of civilians killed hardly mentioned.
    I see the world staggering towards a financial crisis, unable to find a way out of the impasse of a political system that can no longer ‘cook the books’ to sustain itself; the credit card bill is due. The West has been living on credit for years in order to stimulate their economies. We all know that you can’t spend money twice, including the people who control finances.
    So, as we all know from history, the capitalists answer to economic decline, stagnation, and over production is to start wars. This cripples competitors, destroys over productive capacity and starts everything all afresh, except for all those who get killed and maimed in this endless cycle.

  9. ..and now, the third war against Iraq. We’re told that this latest slaughter will only cost about £3 Billion. Incredible isn’t it? We’re told that there’s no longer any money to spend on looking after the aged, the young, the sick. No longer is there money for libraries, social services and that’s why everything, including cancer care, must be privatised or shut down.
    The UK owes about a £trillion, though who we owe it to and who spent it all is a mystery as they never tell us. Maybe it could be the banks, the same banks the taxpayer has had to bail out whose CEO’s are still getting paid £millions. The financial institutions who regularly ‘cook the books’ to enrich themselves and their friends, manage to do very well all the time.
    This country, along with the US, has found a great solution. It’s easy, they just print more money; magic!!! It’s called quantitative easing, a marvellous trick where ‘bonds’ are invented as though its capital; they then ‘borrow’ on the strength of these bits of paper. Google it, y’won’t believe the chicanery they get up to. What a pity they couldn’t conjure up some ‘magic money’ for public services instead of their own back pockets.
    The selling of our economy, or rather giving our economy to the hawks to make profits, rather than provide services, will be remembered by many. The spokespersons for this nightmare are applauded in the media as ‘brave people making difficult choices’. My heart bleeds for them and hope they don’t choke on their caviar and champagne, provided by the private sector. In some circles this would be called treachery, but the system praises this behaviour. Food for thought.
    So, another war in the Middle East. This time it’s a group called ISIS, an unpleasant lot who like cutting off the heads of innocent people. I wonder where they came from, who funds them, who trained them. I think we all know. Maybe we should cast our minds back to Afghanistan and who trained, armed and funded the people in that conflict.
    Someone asked me the other day about this intense bombardment that all the powerful nations are to carry out in Iraq; he asked how the pilots know who to bomb. I answered that they’ll just bomb everyone, anything that moves, just like they’re doing everywhere else as the word innocence doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.
    When the same question was asked of a spokesperson for the US about the targeting by drones in Pakistan, the answer was that they considered anyone over the age of 14 a likely suspect, and therefore not innocent and therefore a legitimate target. Amazing eh! So they can justify murdering whole wedding parties just because they thought that there might be someone there who just might harbour hostile thoughts towards the US.
    Plain common sense tells most people that by murdering thousands of innocent people, about a third of them children, then it’s more likely than not that these actions will multiply the numbers of people hostile to the US, and anyone else who murders indiscriminately.
    This attitude by Govt people, sanctioned by their media, also extends to the American people. An ever increasing number of people, predominantly black men, are murdered with impunity. Due to these actions it seems that many more people are waking to the real US Govt whose ideology isn’t too far away from dictatorship. Ferguson could just be the start.
    Martial Law in the US? Possibly; in some areas they’d like to try it and get away with it, especially as the US dollar is in real trouble, again. How about if many parts of the US and their good people decide to take a bit more interest, prodded into action by having their civil liberties, standard of living and existence threatened by war and climate change? And the money men of course.
    The troopers and tanks we saw on the streets of Ferguson won’t be enough, tanks and soldiers can’t run society. Better solutions are available but the money people are currently having it their own way; it suits them. However, nothing lasts forever, especially if the old and obsolete methods and players are given a good push.
    Comments, thoughts, disagreements welcome here for discussion.

  10. This is the warmest October I can ever remember. I worked in construction and have been a biker all my life and this time of the year has normally meant wrapping up well, ‘more skins than an onion’ being the norm.
    I should feel pleased so why am I concerned?

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